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Strategist, Senior Executive, Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author


These are stories you will not find in textbooks or an internet search.  The only way to discover this Knowledge is
Live life.

After a lifetime of being blessed with great mentors who used stories which helped him navigate his life and career, Jeff now shares his stories to help you do the same.  

A Perfect Resource For:

  • Any recent graduate or someone that is about to graduate, who is just STARTING OUT in their career.

  • Anyone thinking of STARTING OVER with a new company or looking for a new career path.

  • Someone trying to GET AHEAD and stay ahead in the challenging and sometimes difficult corporate world.

  • Anyone who is or would like to MENTOR others.

Now Available  - Buy it now on Amazon $24.99 Paperback, $9.99 Kindle

"What People are saying about the book"

"This will be a valuable read to anyone beginning their careers or those stuck in careers needing confidence to step forward.  I highly recommend the book."

Chip Humphrey - Former VP, Haggar Clothing Co.

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“There are a billon business books, millions on leadership, not very many are from the heart.  Jeff speaks from the heart”

Amir Hoda, Co-Founder, TheOne08, Inc.

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“Jeff’s trials and tribulations are a testament to the value of experience and authentic lifelong learning.   By reading this book you will gain decades of experience that you can only learn by living life.”

Harvey S. Kanter, President & CEO, DXLG at DLX Group

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"Jeff’s stories are an honest, interesting, and compelling journey that shows how to handle life’s situations and challenges. 


His collection of stories is an easy, must-read for all of those in search of success."

JImmy Palasota, President, Palasota Property Company, LLC

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"Jeff shares these stories to build a variety of formidable visuals that help the reader understand the reason behind an area they too wish to change.


This is the book of the year to read if you are looking for solutions."

Mary Kuniski, Executive Coach and Former VP Michaels

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"Everybody needs a mentor! Finding a good one you can rely on and communicate fully with, is not easy.


Jeff’s book is a great resource for those times, or any time you need a different perspective on a challenging situation. Essentially, he is mentoring remotely."

David Lazovik, Former SVP, GMM - Gimbels

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"I don’t know how to make a better endorsement of Jeff or this book, “WHEN”, than to say that I can’t wait to get copies into the hands of my children, 2 of which are young professionals, growing their careers, their families and living their lives."

Will O'Brien, CEO, True North Growth Partners

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"WHEN has all the ingredients for those who have ambition, but do not know where to start."

Michael Rouleau

Former CEO, Michaels Stores & Tuesday Morning Stores

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"Jeff is an intelligent person, that doesn’t put superfluous spin on life and thus I knew his book would be honest and heart felt."

Jim Herman,  Former Sales Representative Haggar Clothing Co.

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"Jeff shares practical, easily implemented lessons to help you navigate your life more efficiently and effectively, at work, home and in your community."

Tom Bazzone, President, Frontgate

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" In life, as in business, many of the most important lessons, are sometimes the simplest. The key is to see through the everyday noise and absorb the experiences.


"WHEN" does just that for the reader, it cuts through the noise and teaches a valuable lesson in each short story.

Les Gardner, Former VP Supply Chain, Michaels & Tractor Supply

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Jeff has spent the last 38 years traveling a journey of success, failure, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. A journey that started with a desire to be a teacher that was put on hold by a new desire to become a leader of a company.

Now after a successful career as a senior executive for companies like Michaels, Fossil and Haggar,  Jeff has come back to where his journey started.  The desire to teach and mentor.  He wants to help individuals and companies reach their full potential. His passions are two-fold. 


First, is to help individuals realize how to get the most out of themselves.  To help assist them with getting rid of all the anchors of doubt that weigh people down and stop them from finding their true passion.  He wants you to find fulfillment in your life and career.  His belief is not just to dream the impossible, but actually do it.


Second, Jeff’s corporate experience can still prove invaluable for any company that is looking to make a change or trying to figure out how to get out of troubled waters.

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Stretching beyond your comfort zone

In his personal life or career, Jeff is not afraid to take a risk.  From jumping out of an airplane from 13,500 feet, flying in a MIG jet and bungy jumping off a 143-foot river bridge to leaving a great job with great company to see if he could become a successful entrepreneur.


Strategist, risk taker, senior executive, entrepreneur, speaker, and author.   Son of a truck driver who became a first-generation college graduate who rose from an assistant buyer to a senior leadership position and the right-hand man of a CEO for a $4B company.  


The stories in his book will help you prepare for the future, avoid pitfalls, navigate rough seas, take advantage of opportunities, and help you understand the only way to know what you are truly capable of is to try.


Since he was 24 years old, he has lived by what he calls his two simple truths:  


"The only way to really have no regrets in life is to try, and life can change in a heartbeat".

-Jeff Wellen  

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Service Offerings

Inspiration, Education, Motivation and Know How

JW 2.jpg

A great day at the University of North Texas where I spoke to a merchandising class about trends in retail and my foundation principles for navigating their life and career after graduation. 


The storm clouds keep rolling in day after day and you wonder if anyone has survived such turbulence and thrived when grey skies turned to blue. 

Who do you call?


Someone who enjoys and thrives on chaos and has assisted companies steer out of challenging situations. 

Storytelling/ Public Speaking

Giving a standard informative speech is one thing, entertaining and educating an audience through the act of  storytelling is quite different. 

When a story catches our attention and engages us, we are more likely to absorb the message and meaning within it than if the same message was presented simply in facts and figures.

Anyone can give a speech, the art of storytelling is part gift, part learning from others and part honing your craft. 


I am a storyteller! 

Career Coaching

Who makes the best coaches?   


The ones who love to teach!

The ones who have spent time looking at life and career from all angles!

The ones who have tried and failed, but learned great lessons along their journey!

The ones who get joy from watching someone excel, change their path for the positive or reach heights they never thought possible after your discussions! 


That is what makes a great coach!


Is anyone looking over the your entire operations?

Is anyone connecting all the dots from overall strategy all the way down to the most minute process? 

Does anyone in your company truly know how it all fits together?

If not, why not? 

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