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"Let Me tell You a Story"

For fifteen years I struggled to write a book.  Then after one conversation with my 23 year-old son about a challenging situation he was dealing with at his first job after college, the idea hit me to write of book filled with a collection of stories and tales of my life and career.


 “WHEN” is a journey through nine different stages of my life and career that I wrote to help him navigate his life and career. 

They are hundreds of Dear Zachary, Love Dad letters.


Each short story not only tells a tale but also has a memorable takeaway quote on how to deal with a current situation, prepare for the future, avoid pitfalls, navigate rough seas, take advantage of opportunities, and help understand that the only way to know what you are truly capable of is to try.


These stories have already helped him, and I know they will help you as well. 


It will be one of the best investments you will ever make.

"Full Testimonials about the author & Book"

"Jeff always had a confident, eager approach to taking on challenges and doing things the right way.  He never allowed himself to become complacent and did not confuse activity with accomplishment.


He has a unique way of looking at life and uses unusual clarity in how he approaches decisions and opportunities. I’ve known Jeff throughout his career, and he’s demonstrated this focus and commitment that are built on being positive and not being afraid to take the leap when it’s the right thing to do.


I remember several of the stories as they occurred, and he always saw the experiences as an opportunity to improve himself with a “can-do,” high moral attitude.   WHEN is a valuable read to anyone beginning their careers or those stuck in jobs and need the confidence to step forward.  I highly recommend the book."

Chip Humphrey, Former VP Haggar Clothing Co.

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"Everybody needs a mentor! Finding a good one you can rely on and communicate fully with, is not easy. WHEN is a great resource for those times, or any time you need a different perspective on a challenging situation. Essentially, he is mentoring remotely.


Jeff has distilled decades of experience from dozens of mentors into an accessible and entertaining format. The stories he recounts are brief and readily understood, and his occasional injection of humor is helpful as well.  


This is a book you will read quickly the first time, and you will find yourself leafing through again and again as time passes."

David Lazovik, Former SVP, GMM Gimbels

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"What I find most compelling about Jeff’s book, is not the stories per se’, but all the life lessons learned, the missteps, successes, and accolades. While structured and formal education is important, life lessons are just as important, perhaps even more so.


Jeff’s trials and tribulations are a testament to the value of experience and authentic lifelong learning.   By reading this book you will gain decades of experience that you can only learn by living life."


Harvey S. Kanter, President & CEO, DXLG at DXL Group  

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"In life, as in business, many of the most important lessons are sometimes the simplest. The key is to see through the everyday noise and absorb the experiences. WHEN does just that for the reader—it cuts through the noise and teaches a valuable lesson in each short story.  


Jeff uses his own experiences, concisely telling a story, to make valuable points useful for the reader to navigate their life and career."

Les Gardner, Former VP Supply Chain, Michaels & Tractor Supply

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"In all my associations with Jeff, he always showed himself to be an excellent worker with drive and the ability to think strategically.  His strategic skills were always coupled with solid common sense.  He was never complacent, instead ambitiously dug into every project.

WHEN has all the ingredients for those who have ambition, but do not know where to start."

Michael Rouleau, Former CEO, Michaels Stores & Tuesday Morning Stores.

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I first met Jeff 37 years ago when he was a 24 year-old young man who had just moved to Dallas, TX for a job with the same company I worked for at the time.  I needed a baseball coach that identified with a group of talented but undeveloped 14 and 15 year-old boys on my son’s team.  Jeff was likeable, independent, different, and perfect for the job. 

You could see even at that age the joy he had in mentoring and coaching.  His thinking was totally outside the box, and he was comfortable with constantly striving for excellence.  He had a no compromise, not settle for average attitude that he used not only to coach those boys, but he uses to this day in his life and career.  He is now using his always striving for excellence attitude and his desire to mentor individuals in his book to help you. 


I can guarantee you; you will not find this type of practical experience and knowledge by searching the internet.  Jeff’s stories are an honest, interesting, and compelling journey that shows how to handle life’s situations and challenges.  His collection of stories is an easy, must-read for all of those in search of success.

Jimmy Palasota, President, Palasota Property Company LLC

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"I was impressed with Jeff the moment I first met him in 1985.  Jeff always exemplified a sense of confidence, fairness, a Christian perspective, and a willingness for hard work. 


I am not surprised Jeff has been successful in his career and I believe his book of career experiences will help you in your career as well."

James Thompson, Former VP-National Sales Manager Haggar Clothing Co.

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"I had the privilege of a front-row seat to Jeff’s process as he wrote WHEN.  He has shown up every day with passion, drive, enthusiasm, and a relentless desire to make a positive difference.


You are reading the premium cut—the stories that made it through the scrutiny of relevance, concision, and clarity with a powerful and memorable deliverable.


This book is a resource not only for those starting out, starting over, and trying to get ahead, but also for mentors, coaches, and executives who need real-world anecdotes to illustrate a powerful principle or life lesson. Prepare to be both inspired and entertained as you journey through WHEN—A Collection of Short Stories to Help Navigate Your Life and Career.


Motivational Speaker, Author, Editor,

Master Coach, and Owner of Palm Tree Productions


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"Jeff worked hard to build a trusted environment at Michaels Stores, that allowed him to collaborate with the CEO and Senior Executives, while gaining agreement on a company strategy that could save the retailer. His mission was to leave behind a legacy that enabled the organization to continue to be successful even after he left.


 Jeff’s experiences are varied and extensive due to his career in consulting, supply chain, and retailing. He shares these stories not to make himself look more authoritative, but rather to build a variety of formidable visuals that help the reader understand the reason behind an area they too wish to change.


WHEN is the book of the year to read if you are looking for solutions. Don’t let this one pass you by.

Mary Kuniski, Executive Coach and Former VP Michaels

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"I was one of the first to help Jeff in the clothing business and watched him grow from a young naïve man to an accomplished person in the corporate world.  Shortly after I met Jeff, I met his parents and after that meeting I knew Jeff would be successful.

 Jeff is an intelligent person, that doesn’t put superfluous spin on life and thus I knew his book would be honest and heart felt. 


Jim Herman, Former Sales Representative Haggar Clothing Co.   

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"Jeff has written a book that will help you be a better leader and person just by focusing on yourself.  There are no new vocabulary or acronyms to learn, no charts or quadrants to think about when looking at how to improve yourself. 


He just shares practical, easily implemented lessons to help you navigate your life more efficiently and effectively, at work, home and in your community."

Tom Bazzone, President, Frontgate

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"In the earlier years of our careers, Jeff and I worked together when he was consulting for Michaels and starting his long-lasting relationship with then CEO Michael Rouleau. We worked for the same partner at our firm, Steve Biciocchi, who became a valuable mentor to both of us. 

I have always been impressed with Jeff, how he managed his career, took risks, fought battles, came out on top, and lived his life for himself and his family.  I don’t know how to make a better endorsement of Jeff or this book, WHEN, than to say that I can’t wait to get copies into the hands of my children—two of which are young professionals, growing their careers, their families, and living their lives.


Jeff’s stories and lessons are what every young (and not so young) person should hear.  Our lives are made of our personal and professional decisions.  They are intermingled.  This book will guide you to through these decisions.

Will O'Brien, CEO, True North Growth Partners

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"The Book IS filled with Memorable quotes and takeaways for you to use"

Each story has an easy to remember quote.   If you don't remember the story, you will always remember the quote. 

"Opportunities come when you have prepared yourself to meet them. They won't just magically show up if you are sitting on your sofa watching Netflix. You have to be willing to put yourself in the arena and take a risk"

- Jeff Wellen 

Since I was in my early twenties, I kept a folder full of quotes.  I would reference them all the time to make a point, give me inspiration or to help me through troubled times. 

Now I have written hundreds of new ones for your use. 

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